The brand, founded in 1848, is rolling out a platform entitled, Walk Her Walk, inspired by the iconic little girl in the yellow dress who adorns each package. From supporting arts education to reducing water scarcity, Morton is donating to five nonprofits that inspire them across a range of fields and industries.

Perhaps the sexiest component we’ve seen so far of this salty yet very sweet campaign is the awesome collaboration with fellow Chicago-based soft rock band OK Go. Through Ogilvy&Mather and Neo@Ogilvy, the two have partnered to make a visually insane time-lapse music video for their new song, “The One Moment,” which totally blew our minds and already has over 5 million views!

As Forbes puts it, it’s less a music video and more “a call to action and, essentially, an ad.” The high def video takes a through a truly insane 4.2 seconds of a crazy cacophony and visual explosion, and then kindly slows it down for us into a four-minute video that reveals the inspirational song, and corresponding actions, in real time.  The band walks through blasts of exploding salt cans, buckets of paint and salt-filled guitars as they croon their aspirational lyrics. And in a grand finale, the Morton Salt girl herself appears, directing us a link to the Morton website where we can read more about their campaign.

For us PR folk, the lesson is simple. Branded marketing with the right partners, even if seemingly an odd match at first, can create a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s on us to get creative in matchmaking our clients with parties that will invigorate the story they are trying to tell. Now more than ever, we have to break the noise and reinvent how we position our clients in the marketplace. With Morton Salt as our example, it’s time we walk the walk.

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