It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and for PR mavens, it’s busy.

We’re working (work!) every holiday party, nailing the perfect gift idea for our clients, bosses, and colleagues, and of course, looking effortless in doing so.

We know it’s a lot, but rest assured! Boardroom has you covered.

Here are our tips and tricks to rocking this holiday season:

There’s nothin’ like a good corporate holiday party.

Whether at a fellow firm or client soiree, the PR maven must maintain the perfect balance of sociable and professional. We agree that it’s kind of implicit protocol to have a drink in hand, but remember to always toe the line at these things; whatever that may mean to you.

Do a lap and reconnect with your “rolodex” – but do also try to meet two to three new people at each event you attend. Remember to follow up the next day via email to solidify the new relationship. Pack business cards!

Gift giving for the holidays can quickly become anxiety-inducing.

Some general rules:

Always gift down, and gift up selectively and thoughtfully. A meaningful note to a boss or senior colleague can go a long way, while an expensive gift can potentially make you both uncomfortable.

When gifting on behalf of your company, don’t forget that you’re gifting on behalf of your company. Make sure you’ve branded the goodie(s) with your company logo, and are selecting a product that somehow matches your firm’s brand identity. This could be as simple as matching the color of the gift to that of your company logo. Make sure that the recipient will be easily able to interpret why they are receiving this from you, a la, I see what they did there.

This time is supposed to be fun – enjoy it! Let’s celebrate our accomplishments, connect with old friends and meet new people, and recognize our peers for their good work. Let’s remember what the holidays are really about.

By: Hayley Brooks, Boardroom Blogger

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