There’s nothing like a live show. Whether you’re singing along in the audience at that amazing concert or watching the team score the winning touchdown, it’s nearly impossible to replicate the authenticity and immediacy of the real-time moment.

We’ve seen this mega movement towards live content creation across all media platforms. Marketers and producers have managed to take the excitement of a live show and telecast it into our homes and onto our newsfeeds – so we can feel like we’re really there – in real time!  From live musicals on broadcast networks to Facebook’s live component, audiences can now feel much more a part of a fleeting, communal experience than ever before.

This January, Woody Harrelson pulled off the insane stunt of shooting the first ever live film, Lost in London, which aired in real time in theaters across the country.  And on Harrelson’s heels, Snickers has just announced that it will air the first-ever live SuperBowl commercial. According to AdWeek, the commercial – starring Adam Driver of Girls – will follow a 36-hour live stream from the set.

The takeaway for PR people is that audiences are craving genuine experiences that make them feel close to content. Live is less polished. Mistakes are bound to happen. And that is exactly the point. We should encourage our clients not to be afraid to conduct live telecasts on Facebook and to go for it! Instead of announcing a launch of a new product through a press release, a client might consider a Facebook Live announcement from the company page. Live presents an opportunity for your brands to cultivate their own voice, rather than filtering through news outlets or press personnel. And as the templates are being developed right now for live commercials and films, we should take advantage and jump on the bandwagon.  In this fickle world, a sense of urgency goes a long way.

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