While creating a social media page and publishing your first post are necessary, there are other crucial steps to cultivate a strong online presence. This post details how to build a productive social media page from the ground up.

Define Your Brand Style, Voice and Target Audience

Before jumping right into content creation, it is critical to formulate a social media strategy that covers everything from brand style guidelines and voice to identifying your target audience. These rely heavily on your industry, what goals you are trying to reach and how you want your brand to appear to the public.

For BoardroomPR luxury real estate client One Hollywood Residences, posts maintain a brand voice that positions the development as exclusive and high-end while focusing on the project’s convenient location and urban oasis-like vibe and lifestyle.

Choose the Right Platform

The social media landscape is vast, so choosing the right platform(s) is key. Factors to consider include:

  • Your audience: Where do they spend their online time?
  • Platform strengths:
  • Visual content focus (Instagram & Pinterest)
  • Professional networking (LinkedIn)
  • Real-time updates and news (X, formerly Twitter)
  • Broader demographic reach (Facebook)

Craft a Compelling Profile Optimized to Expand Your Reach

This is your first digital impression– here’s how to make it count!

Username and page name: Make your profile searchable by selecting a username and page title that includes your business name and is easy to find.

Profile picture and cover photo: Use high-quality visuals that clearly reflect your brand.

Bio: Write a concise and informative bio that highlights what your brand is and includes relevant keywords and a call to action (CTA) like visiting your website.

Here’s an example of the Instagram profile we created for One Hollywood Residences.

Create Impactful Content that Resonates

Your first post(s) should introduce your brand and lay the foundation for future content. Plan content that aligns with your brand’s style and goals and your audience’s interests. Utilize content buckets to help you fill your calendar.

Content buckets that we focus on for One Hollywood Residences include:

  • Project renderings
  • Building amenities and features
  • Location and lifestyle
  • Sales team spotlights
  • Press features

You’ve created your social media pages. Now what?

Engage with your Audience

Social media thrives on interaction. Respond to comments, answer direct messages, reshare relevant content and follow your target audience. This builds relationships and fosters an online community connected to your brand.

Post Quality Content Consistently

Post consistently, but ensure that the content you share is high quality and valuable to your audience. Content quality triumphs quantity, but posting once a month won’t do the trick.

Monitor Growth and Performance Analytics

Listen to your audience and analyze your content’s performance to see what is and is not performing well. After analyzing your page’s growth metrics and performance analytics, tailor your strategy to help propel you toward your page’s goals.

Social media management is a vital investment in your brand. When done correctly, it can help build brand loyalty, establish brand credibility, increase brand awareness and reach potential new customers. Need help crafting your online presence or enhancing existing social media profiles? Our award-winning South Florida social media experts at BoardroomPR are here to help! Click here to contact us today.

Amanda Gordon

Digital Account Executive