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With a lack of face-to-face luncheons and after-hours networking events, now is a great time to refocus your online networking strategy. Many of us already use social media to connect with family, friends and our favorite brands, but these platforms are equally as important for[...]

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Connect on Linkedin

Do you see your competitors in the news and wonder why it isn’t you? Wondering how to become a media maven? Well, it’s your time to be in the spotlight! With a comprehensive public relations plan including digital marketing, podcast, webinars, blog posts and e-newsletters,[...]

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Live News

Legal Eagle Florida, a Facebook community dedicated to all things related to the legal industry  in the state of Florida, is proud to have celebrated its fifth anniversary in December. Founded by BoardroomPR president Julie Talenfeld, the group has reached more than 2,700 members and[...]

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SEO-rious Google Rankings

November 2, 2020

Are you finding it hard to rank your business high on Google? You’re certainly not alone. Luckily, there are strategies you can utilize to leverage your brand amidst the world’s largest search engine. The usage of these strategies is referred to as Search Engine Optimization,[...]

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If you’re a local business, you’re probably using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and maybe even Snapchat or TikTok in some capacity to keep your customers or clients up-to-date on your offerings or services, business hours, menu items, etc. But there’s probably one social media network[...]

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