South Florida recently has been awash in big public relations news. Dania Beach tech firm Magic Leap hit the front page with its $500 million investment by Google. Billions of dollars are being spent on new luxury condominiums from Miami Beach to downtown Boca Raton. Even major law firms and accounting firms have grabbed a share of front-page news.

But what if your start-up or even established tech, real estate or professional services company isn’t the Next Big Thing? How can you ensure you get your fair share of coverage?

1. Become a proactive news hound. The media won’t find you without your help. Working with the media means you or your public relations firm are taking proactive steps to let them know you exist, especially if you run a start-up. Find the beat reporters and feed them stories. They shouldn’t ALL be about your company. Be a resource providing tips and insights. Earn their trust and they’ll come calling.

2. Shelve your social media humility. Quiet companies get ignored. The ironic part is, it’s easier than ever to be loud and proud. Use tools like your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media services to can share your news, insights, tips and other content – and encourage readers, fans and followers to share it in kind.

3. How can I help you? When a local or national news story breaks, help reporters “localize” the story to their market. Again, whether it’s about you, someone you know or – best of all – a customer or client of yours, share your contacts and elevate your role and relationship with the reporter.

4. Show how you play nice with others. Has your Miami law firm helped a corporate client negotiate a new contract or land a new client? Has your luxury real estate marketing firm sold a multimillion dollar penthouse? Has your tech firm helped a local subscriber or customer transform their business in an innovative way? Work together to share those tales. Reporters like stories with multiple contacts (just clear the concept first with your clients or partners. Never approach a reporter with a contact who may be unwilling to talk).

Take a proactive posture to growing your media presence. They won’t come calling – unless you call, blog, post, tweet or share your news first.

by Julie Talenfeld