Legislative sessions are in full swing across the country. While our legislative affairs experts are tracking the bills that will affect our communities most, we’re also empowering our public relations clients to shine as thought leaders, by positioning them as experts who can analyze the potential impact of proposed and passed bills, and speak about the issues with first-hand experience and knowledge. 

Sourcing local experts is paramount, as it ensures that the message resonates with the needs and concerns of our community. By proactively leveraging the legislative landscape, we not only establish our clients as experts in their fields, but we also provide an avenue for them to contribute meaningful discourse to the conversations surrounding legislative changes. 

However, thought leadership can take many forms and it’s not always an interview. 

Drafting Op-eds and white papers can be a great opportunity to showcase expertise and offer solutions.

Targeted outreach such as email blasts and social media campaigns can aid in mobilizing efforts and support.

Direct engagement like scheduling meetings with your local elected officials is a great way to get face time with your representatives to advocate for positive changes to issues that you care about most.

Coalition building and strategic partnerships are a great way to collaborate with like-minded groups and organizations to amplify your message, purpose and impact. 

Who are the right people to take on this task? 

Legal and policy experts who can analyze the legality and ramifications of proposed policy changes. These can be attorneys, analysts, economists and constitutional legal experts. 

Business and industry experts who can discuss the immediate impact of how these changes will affect their business and industries at large. 

Community organizations and advocacy groups can provide insight into the potential impacts that affect the most vulnerable communities. 

Public health professionals who can assess potential health and safety benefits and/or consequences of proposed policy changes. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can also provide unique insights into how policy changes can affect local businesses within the community. 

This proactive approach also provides valuable resources for media, industry peers and the public seeking informed perspectives on the evolving legislative landscape. To learn more about how you can leverage your expertise, speak with one of our PR experts at (954)370-8999.

Jessica Shein

Account Director