Though AI has been around for quite some time, it seems like only recently that it has been brought to the forefront, prompting curiosity about how Florida legal marketers can harness AI. There are many reasons to incorporate these online tools, but also a few disadvantages to consider. 

The members of the Tampa Legal Marketing Association (LMA) recently gathered for a panel discussion on the pros and cons of AI and its usage. Panelists included practitioners from both the legal world as well as digital marketing companies, like BoardroomPR’s Director of Digital Marketing Mara Gordon, who was joined by digital marketing strategist Jessica Aries and Holland & Knight partner Todd Wooten.

Mara Gordon, Director of Digital Marketing

The panelists provided an overview of the AI landscape, AI tools that legal marketers can utilize, as well as the specific ways to use these tools for personalized content creation. They also discussed the importance of prompting and using the correct wording and questions to get your desired result. Resources and ideas that were shared to learn how to write better prompts included:

  • This blog post on the prompting model.
  • This guide from Zapier, which includes directions for custom instructions.
  • Try uploading some of your own content and letting ChatGPT analyze it.
  • For those who work with audio files, Castmagic was recommended to create impactful assets from audio and video content.

While there are several reasons to try AI tools, the group learned that you must also be aware of the privacy and confidentiality considerations with entering information into these online databases. While these tools are still evolving, we were cautioned that the accuracy of the content can be low. Never rely 100% on AI output. While these tools are helpful, you still need a human influence and an editor.

As for the future, our panelists discussed how we might see much faster responses and the elimination of prompting altogether. No matter what your stance is on AI, it’s clear that it is not going away any time soon, so legal marketers must know how to use it.

michelle griffith

Michelle Griffith

Vice President