As we near July 4, summer is certainly in full swing. However, summer is not just about vacations – it’s also the perfect time to elevate your professional profile and engage in business development and marketing activities. 

As the pace of business often slows down, using this time strategically could reap significant rewards later in 2024. As a top Florida public relations agency, we created this two-part series highlighting practical and effective steps you can take this summer to stand out:

  1. Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile: I wrote a blog about the importance of LinkedIn profiles last year, and it holds as true today as ever. Summer is the perfect time to conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn profile. Simple edits like updating your headline to reflect your current role and expertise; adding recent accomplishments and skills to your profile; reaching out to colleagues and clients for endorsements; updating your professional photo and adding a compelling summary can make a significant difference. Remember, LinkedIn is often the first place potential employers or clients will look, so make it count.
  2. Update Your Website Bio: Your website bio is also critical in showcasing your business achievements. Ensure it accurately reflects your current professional status and achievements. Incorporate recent projects, certifications and any new skills you’ve acquired. A well-crafted bio should not only highlight your experience, but also convey what makes you stand out from your colleagues. 
  3. Engage in Professional Development: Summer is a great time to enroll in online courses, attend webinars or read industry-related books. These activities can provide new insights and add to your skill set. Taking what you’ve learned and, in turn, sharing it on LinkedIn or on your company blog, showcases your commitment to continuous improvement and growth in your industry and can be a great business development tool. 

No matter what industry, these easy summer updates will help significantly enhance your professional profile, positioning yourself for future success and growth. 

Jen Clarin

Jen Clarin

Vice President