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These are certainly challenging times for businesses and families alike. Restaurants, retailers and movie theatres have shut their doors to customers, concerts and events have all been canceled or postponed and parks and beaches are off-limits. While most of us are working remotely and confined to[...]

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Crisis management PR firm BoardroomPR

There has been a cascade of consequences from the devastation of COVID19. While many industries—hospitality, events, etc.—have taken a big hit, BoardroomPR is also particularly concerned about charities who to have had to cancel fundraising events and are thus unable to raise much needed operating[...]

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Social media marketing public relations

The utilization of customer review platforms has significantly altered how one business’s success is measured and overall profit margin. From Google Reviews to Facebook to Yelp, the impact of social media influence weighs heavily. The more active a business is in engaging and addressing its[...]

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Best online marketing PR firm in South Fl